Readings by Nancy
Readings by Nancy
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                      Aligning Souls &

                  Transforming Lives

Glimpse your bodies inner workings, allowing you to seek a deeper understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection. Every body matters.

By awakening to your own power and potential you become more conscious of who you are and what you want in life.   Identifying your energy, understanding your preferences, learning how to manage and use your energy, and to examine how other people, places, and things affect you can greatly improve your quality of life.   Love In Life Wellness can provide you with the tools to explore the subtle body fields which will allow you to clear energy  blockages and promote individual growth. These tools can be used in practical ways to remember your "authentic self" increasing and maintaining your state of well-being. If you would like to do something for your health and well-being, Love In Life Wellness with its professional services is definitely the right place for you.


Love In Life Wellness provides opportunities  for self discovery by using intuitive energy, healing modalities and transformational techniques as tools for wellness.  To learn more, click here.

About Me

Learn more about my approach and the benefits of turning to me for your needs. For information about me, click here.

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